You can contribute in one of three ways: Online via credit card or PayPal, or through the mail by check.

To contribute online: It’s simple.  Fill our form below and please complete the campaign finance information to help us comply with state law.

To mail a contribution: If you’d prefer to mail a personal check (up to $500.00) directly to our campaign headquarters, please make your check out to: Friends of Rashida Tlaib, P.O. Box 9380, Detroit MI 48209. Please include your name, mailing address, occupation and name and address of employer if your contribution exceeds $100. Campaign Privacy Policy

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Legal Information About Your Contributions:

  • To comply with Michigan’s campaign finance law, we must use best efforts to obtain, maintain and submit the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer for individuals whose contributions exceed $100 per election cycle. If your donation exceeds $100, please complete and submit the form above before making your online contribution, or make sure to include this information with your check. Campaign Privacy Policy
  • Contributions to Friends of Rashida Tlaib are not tax deductible. We may accept contributions from an individual totaling up to $500 per election cycle. The maximum for independent committees is $5,000 per election cycle.

State law prohibits contributions to the campaign from corporations, labor organizations and national banks; from any person contributing another person’s funds; from foreign nationals who lack permanent resident status; and from state government contractors. Contributions must be made from personal funds and not from funds otherwise prohibited under law.